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Retirement Planning

Canadian are unsure how much to save for retirement. Studies also reveal many retirees may be equally clueless about how much they can SPEND in retirement. Retirement planning requires different planning approaches, investment strategies and risk consideration.

Before Retirement

If you are within 5 years of retirement and get paid once per month, you only have 60 pay checks left before you get the “gold watch”. But before you start packing for your retirement vacation there is some planning to do and important choices to make. Be sure to sit down with a Retirement Wealth Specialist to get your house in order... before you fire the boss!

After Retirement

The party is not over. In fact it's just getting started. Effective strategies at this stage require significantly more than just

withdrawing funds periodically. The portfolio should accommodate 3 basic needs : Safety Income, Growth and Asset protection. Given to-day’s longer life spans and active lifestyles, you need to develop a sound strategy to protect and optimize your assets throughout your lifetime. So why not speak to a Retirement Wealth Specialist that has coached hundreds of people through this retirement process? Getting advice in areas that you lack experience or expertise is simply a smart decision.