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Mary Robinson

As a financial advisor in Vancouver for over 20 years, Mary (CFP CLU, FMA, MFA) has helped hundreds of clients to achieve their financial goals. Mary and her team work exclusively with retirees and pre-retirees who have investable assets of greater than $200,000 and know that there is more to life than money. Mary specializes in retirement and estate planning to maximize retirement income while minimizing overall risk. Our special “sleep easy portfolio” provides peace of mind to our clients, allowing them to enjoy their retirement years without worrying outliving their money. Mary contributes to a number of local newspapers, magazines and hosts regular seminar on financial planning.

Words from our clients

I. Fattah

Mary is a knowledgeable, approachable and professional financial advisor and always continuing to upgrade herself on financial matters. Throughout the years she has met with us regularly, provided updates and made suggestions on any improvements. She will take the time to fully explain our options, guide us in an appropriate direction, provide us with ongoing financial advice as market changes and help us remain disciplined about our financial strategies. She has been our advisor for many years and her service is highly recommended.

J. Williams

Looking for a financial planner I could feel comfortable and at ease with was very important to me as I was feeling quite uneducated regarding my financial situation. With retirement in mind, I was confused and frustrated with my current level of knowledge. Mary listened to my ideas and was able to put a financial plan together that addressed all of my questions and concerns. Mary made me feel special. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her compassion and patience is a true testament to her love of her profession. I know it took me a few sessions to finally understand some of the concepts Mary was introducing, but it was new territory for me. She helped make it an easy and exciting transition going forward, rather than an exhausting and frustrating experience. I feel more confident in understanding my financial options and money management. Mary is there to help me with future financial planning and to review our current plan as needed. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking for help with their financial planning and life goals. Thank you, Mary.

Dr. Leung

Mary is very thorough and detail oriented, she takes into account our full financial picture as well as the needs of our growing family when advising us. She takes the time to explain issues such as incorporating and tax planning, and has even helped us address concerns re: US tax reporting requirements. I feel that with Mary I have a better understanding of insurance policy products and more importantly why specific ones are recommended for our family.

Pastor Stephen Lam

I have found Mary very knowledgeable, experienced and above all has a heart to put our family's needs first when making recommendations. What I appreciate most is that Mary provides good solid advice based on facts, deep understanding of our financial needs at our current life stage, and use of statistical approach to provide recommendations. Anyone in need of professional financial planning would do themselves a great favour in seeking out her advice.

M. Fung

I am glad to meet Mary early, so I can start my planning at my young age. I used to think the annual return of my investment is the most important. She absolutely changed my perspective about wealth management.



True Wealth

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