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Estate Planning

Preserving, Protecting & Providing

Estate Planning can only be done while we are alive. If you plan properly, you can reduce the taxes, expenses and probate fee on an estate, simplify and speed the transition of assets to the next generation. Despite its importance, it is all too often overlooked.

A common misconception is that only the wealthy need estate planning or those who are in or approaching retirement. However, the truth is that as long as you have assets and liabilities, you need an estate plan. This misconception can result in significant unnecessary costs to the estate and additional burdens for survivors. That is why getting good professional advice is so important.

Estate planning is not a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. Your financial needs change, as life does. We will help to revisit it often to ensure it continues to meet your objectives. While many people deal directly with an Estate Planning lawyer, our estate planning services are not a duplication of the work. They are complementary. We have also partnered with some of the best estate attorneys to make all the steps easier for you. Request your estate planning kit today.


Income for Life

10 years ago, the greatest fear Canadian had was “dying”. Today, our greatest fear is LIVING. People are fearful of living to be 100 and being poor. With the coming aging boomers, rising health care costs, and the erosive power of inflation on our money — what will a pound of meat cost in 2030? The wide swings in the market over these years have demonstrated that retirees can’t count on traditional portfolios of stocks and bonds to produce a steady, dependable stream of income. If you do not want to outlive your assets, laying the foundation for your income plan is essential.

Learn how to take income withdrawals from your Retirement funds such that they are guaranteed to NEVER RUN DRY, as long as you live.

Social security will provide only a portion of what you'll need. Given to-day's longer life spans and active lifestyles, you need to take steps to create a sustainable retirement income stream and enjoy a financially worry–free retirement.

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