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About Mary

As a financial advisor for over 20 years, It is my pleasure to help thousands of clients to pursuit their financial goals. My continued education in the wealth management allows me to understand the ever-changing market and to manage your portfolio promptly.


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Mary’s Differences

In the absence of government regulation, almost anyone can claim to be a “financial planner“. However, the use of the title Certified Financial Planner is restricted to the duly registered Professionals and these professionals only. As a consumer, it is important to understand such significance.

When making financial decisions there are two issues that must be addressed: What are my resources and needs, and what will the economic and taxation landscape potentially look like down the road?

Many financial practitioners only attempt to deal with the first issue and do not even mention the second. In stark contrast, the advices your Financial Planner provide would always address not only your situation, but also the economic and tax environment in which you live, work and invest.

I earned my professional recognition as a CFP because I have diligently worked to meet the education, examination and standards of this internationally accredited certification. Furthermore, I am also holding the Chartered Life Underwriter designation which certifies my competence in the area of Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer planning advices. I am also registered member of a number of Practicing Advisors’ Networks from which I received updated information for helping my clients with timely suggestions to handle the ever changing economic and taxation challenges ahead.

So make sure you do the right thing before you engage your own Financial Advisor. Talk to as many of them as possible to find out who you feel most comfortable with and who best meets your needs. It’s never too early and too late to take charge of your financial future. To learn more, I encourage you to read more about CFP and CLU.