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True Wealth

While wealth is most often associated with money and the accumulation of assets; I see wealth with different perspective.

Most people call “wealth” based on stocks, bonds and other forms of financial products. These are only a store of wealth, but it’s not wealth itself. All wealth originates with resources from the earth. This is our Primary wealth and money is only a way to transfer ownership from one entity to another. As long as money exists in a balance with primary sources of wealth, it will retain its perceived value. However, when the supply of money gets out of balance with resources, money’s value will begin to go down wildly. Today, we are witnessing the END of the monetary age. All paper currencies, credit line are neither offering any long term STORE of Value. Remember, True Wealth is ALWAYS based on substance, NOT symbolism.

We often associate the expression “financial freedom” with some limitless wealth and money. However, it is worth bearing in mind that wealth is not merely about the attainment of money and assets but also perhaps a reflection of something deeper, inner drive and pursuit for a fuller, better, more meaningful life. So, we don’t have to limit the definition of wealth to pure money and economics. The people who make the most money in the world essentially give and change more life. The value of truth wealth is not just about what you have or achieve; it’s also firmly about who and what you become.

The bottom line is we should work all we can, save all we can, and then give all we can. True wealth will follow a godly life.